Short, flat and fat for high performance surfing in average to good conditions. A few inches shorter in the nose and an inch or two off the tail, this one features a nice flat deck with chamfered rails to remove the bulk from the rails and give back the sensitivity that the flat deck can take out. Single concave to deep double concave and single out the chopped square keeps the bite while maintaining  float. Easy to paddle, catch waves and turn, this is a real performer in up to head high waves in less than ideal conditions and outstanding when the waves are firing. Five plugs cover all the bases but the choice is yours.



This actual board unfortunately is no longer available for sale here but you are able toCUSTOM ORDER  from this site. Typically it takes 2-4 weeks for a custom.  The base price for this board is $900 and it includes a quality Burford blank, Silmar resin with 3 layers of Surf 9 fiberglass cloth, sprayed white and a thruster fin set, no fins.