Inspired by how much better boards go when you break the nose off your normal board I decided to make one with it done for you!! The wide point is forward, the rocker flat and there is a roll/hull under the nose for neutrality feeding a deepish double concave and flat out of the tail. Rails are upturned in the nose spiralling to low profile foiled in the tail. A quad set up is optimal and in the Fouruster configuration..... think your best board, cut about a foot  off it and it is now your best board ever!! 

This board is featuring a custom resin swirl on the bottom with pigment resin on the deck.  


This actual board unfortunately is no longer available for sale here but you are able to CUSTOM ORDER   from this site. Typically it takes 2-4weeks for a custom.   The base price for this board is $930 and it includes a quality Burford blank, Silmar resin with 3 layers of Surf 9 fiberglass cloth, sprayed white and a four fin set, no fins.

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