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A high performance board for day to day surfing. Ideally suited to better quality waves but quite capable of holding it's own in the junk as well. Narrower than the tugboat, it is the perfect option for those high speed critical manoeuvres with a bit of forgiveness built in to get you through when your not on your game. Lower rocker in the nose and a bit of kick in the tail keeps the triple concave to vee alive and responsive. You are back in control and free to react as you feel. .

This board is featuring a polypropylene deck insert, hand painted by Chris and for Billabong in Japan


This actual board unfortunately is no longer available for sale here but you are able toCUSTOM ORDER  from this site. Typically it takes 2-4 weeks for a custom.  The base price for this board is $900 and it includes a quality Burford blank, Silmar resin with 3 layers of Surf 9 fiberglass cloth, sprayed white and a thruster fin set, no fins.