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Fast becoming  a popular alternative your regular board...what ever that is these days, the Luxe Twin is a contemporary take on the 70's classic. A fuller forward feeling outline with an accelerating  narrower tail curve, allows you to have a great paddle advantage with excellent  drive and maneuverability from the flyers in the tail. If you like fin and edge surfing with continuous glide and acceleration throughout the turns, then this could be your next choice. It's remarkable how well it performs in and around the pocket and yet maintains drive and trim out on the face. It is quite at home in either the beach breaks or those super fast down the line point waves. Best ridden with set side fins to  maximize performance and longevity and can be fitted with an extra set of plugs for the small stabilizer fin or FCS plugs all round with my own custom TwinSpeed finsfor the traveller.  

 The base price for this white,  3 layers glass and system side plugs/boxes is $900....with set fins...$1020. You can custom order from this site if you like and I'll personally help you with the finer details....just fill out the basic details in the relevant fields and email it off and I'll be in touch in the next few days.  Typical build time for a custom orderis two to three weeks

 You should check my TwinSpeed fins for this board too. It's the result of my living and surfing Indonesia for a year focusing on design and fin refinement.