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Tweaking the iconic Lis fish to suit a modern mindset... this pocket of joy is just the ticket and kinda ticks all the boxes when the alternative becomes the new norm. Best ridden quite short and with my own custom designed set keels to optimise performance, you’d better be careful as you may become a crazed, stoke-riddled, surf zombie before you know it.....and probably single...

I don't carry stock as I custom make everything to order....I love the personal approach and customer can order a custom here. The base price for this board is $1020 and it includes a quality Burford blank, Silmar resin with 3 layers of Surf 9 fiberglass cloth, sprayed white, a hand made timber fins by Chris and feature the bespoke legrope loop as an alternative to the leggy plug.

The ice blue tinted board has a few extra's with it....The resin work  would be an extra $154 and feature customised fibreglass patches top and bottom. They can also have  four channels belly channels added as well for an extra $66. 

The yellow board was custom hand painted by the client  and would be the standard base price of $920