An easy to surf performance fish...  Low rocker, flat deck with foiled rails makes this an easy paddler and a delight  to ride in anything up to 5 foot...a quad, set up as  fouruster. There's actually plenty of hidden volume in this one, giving you an almost unfair paddling advantage that will soon put the giggle back into your sessions again....the bottom shape is generally a rolled vee under the nose, leading into a single concave mid section, through to a deep double concave under the back foot and accelerating out the swallow with a vee....the double flyer ...beside looking pretty cool, actually work really well at reducing tail width to put you on the rail easier.

These feature custom hand paints by Chris


These actual boards unfortunately are no longer available for sale here but you are able toCUSTOM ORDER  from this site. Typically it takes 2-4 weeks for a custom.   The base price for this board is $900 and it includes a quality Burford blank, Silmar resin with 3 layers of Surf 9 fiberglass cloth, sprayed white and a four fin set, no fins.