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Wonglepong but not your average pong

January 18, 2017

Wonglepong but not your average pong

Hi there channel lovers!....just thought I'd show you this little treat for a mate of mine Phil. He is a mad keen surfer, collector and shaper in his own right and before shaping his own boards would buy them from me, in particular channel bottoms. This is a tweak of my Wonglepong design that I have been doing in all various forms since the mid to late 90's. 

Usually ridden shorter, I have made them up to nearly eight feet....this one is a 7 footer and although primarily designed to surf Bells, will perform pretty well any where. Longer to get in early, twin fins for the speed and acceleration through the turns and the channels for a little forward projection and a bit of tails stabilisation on the fatter faces in Vicco. Foiled rails, flatter deck and a bit of tail lift to free the channels so your not locked up in the fast tight turns. Ice blue resin tint, cut lapped and custom cut glass patches. Resin tinting and taping up in the channels pushes the skill set to the max but we managed to pull this one off....there is no short cut for experience I suppose and I'm up for a challenge but I'm glad they don't come along too often just the same :-)


         .....Phil's Wonglepong is 7' x 211/2'' x 27/8'' and he is about 6'1'' and 85 kgs...

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