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Luxe-twin for Jacob

January 21, 2017

Luxe-twin for Jacob

Ok guys and girls got a really nice one for you today and it's a Luxe-twin in the classic sense. Shaped by me , glassed by Yuki and I and finished off by was a joy to make from beginning to end. The shape of this one was the classic standard Luxe-twinplan shape with a single to double concave in the bottom feeding out to a light vee in the tail. Fluted flyers for more bight and hold in the rail and a foiled rail for sensitivity.

We cut lapped the fibre glass and tinted the resin a slightly darker blue than the ice blue that we've been using of late and for a nice feature, did some cut fibreglass patches for the tail. The timber fins were cut, foiled and glassed on by me. It's a real privilege to make surfboards and to make them with consideration and passion is just the best thing to do. I love my craft and I'm grateful for being lucky enough to be able to follow my heart. Thank you universe!!! 



         ......this Luxe measures  5'7'' x 191/2'' x 21/2''...... Jacob is 5'8'' tall and is 65 kgs......

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