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Rocket Twin fish

October 12, 2014

Rocket Twin fish

This would have to be my favourite shape that I keep revisiting year after year...... 


While working with Dave Rasta Rastovich back in the early 2000's, he showed up at the factory in Burliegh one day with a board that was a copy of a Spyder Murphy/Martin Potter twin fin from the early 80's, shaped recently by Derrick Hynd. Wanting a replica of it, I kinda modified it where I felt necessary and ended up with a cracker of a board. Interestingly this shape is so good, that anyone who shapes for Dave for a period of time does a version of this board... and understandably's a great design and full credit goes to Spyder for the initial inspiration. 

Over the years I have tweaked, refined and gone out wide with the design.... ridden it with as many fin combinations as you would care to imagine and I am yet to be's just a great design that seems to tick all the boxes for the way I want to surf.  Plenty of spark off the mark, drive down the line and the flyer still allows you to be tight in the pocket. 


This one is my own personal board and is yet to be ridden.... I'm sure it will exceed my expectations.  I always remember an old quote from a surfing mag back in the day....double your pleasure, double your fun, ride with two fins instead of one...I know that this board has a small stabiliser but essentially it's a twin fin.




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