custom handshaped twin fin for ross

Not so long ago Ross from the Sunhouse was threatening me to shape him a twinny. It was a colab effort with him in the bay providing direction and feedback, as I handcrafted his new sled. I really prefer working this way as I feed off the customer's enthusiasm and that definitely transfers into the shape. ....fluted flyers....flattened deck....slight concave feeding a double to a vee out the tail.....bit of a beak on the nose....down foiled rails....Justin fin in the know Justin?  Justin Case....So this one was hand-shaped from scratch at my bay in the Sunhouse, taken home to my factory in the hills where I glassed it with a white pigment tint, sanded it, hand painted the logo and finished her off for's how she looks..... 


         ......not sure of the dims on this one as I forgot to write them down anywhere......Doh!!!

                                             a guess...5'8''x19''x 23/8''


                                                                    happy camper!


Rob and his new bonzer....the speed freak machine!!

Had a great time a few weeks back catching up with my good friend and ex Phantom employee  Rob the painter, shaping him up a Bonzer for his upcoming trip to Indo. This was a hand shape and it was awesome to have him in the bay getting feedback along the way, refining the shape to his liking....foiled rails, venturi concave channels with plenty of paddle power whilst reflecting on our surf expeditions through Sumba back in the eighties... Next off to the glassers to have Jimmy Davidson spray it up and then have Dan Wicks glass and set the quad bonzers. I hand-foiled the single fin while Dan custom made the side fins for the board. Great fun and a nice job to do, made even sweeter by making it for a mate who likes to ride these freak speed machines!!! 


Rob, his stoked grommet and the speed freak machine.....and the ever present Chilli dog!!


...not sure of the dims as I forgot to write them a guess ...6' x 191/2'' x 23/4''...maybe?


More on Beau Nixon and the quiver for Teahupoo

Hi there ...not wanting to harp on tooo long about Beau but here's a quick look at the quiver that I made him to compete on In Tahiti...and a nice little video of him surfing a couple of the boards featured in the previous blog


this one is 8'10'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and is 88.3 litres


this one is 8'6'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and is 84.4 litres


this one is  7'10'' x 26'' x 37/8'' and is 82 litres


Welcome Beau Nixon to the Phanteam

Most of you know me by now and realise that I am not your conventional shaper/board builder. I love design and using my skills to help people achieve their goals no matter what their craft.....I guess I embrace the multicultural aspect of surfing, and anyone who loves the ocean. One thing that I enjoy is working closely with individuals who are passionate about their boards, want to surf better and have fun doing it... Beau Nixon is one such fellow who I have been making boards together with  on and off for the past 5 years. He is a super talented longboarder and in the last few years he has been a top competitor on the professional world SUP tour.... a true champion and 2014 Tweed Coasts sportsman of the year. Recently he decided to reconnect with me with the SUP's and have me exclusively shape them for him...working closely together we have refined some nice boards together and already Beau is seeing the results. This past weekend saw him just get piped into second place in the state titles in atrocious surfing conditions but according to Beau, 'the boards are awesome!' ...Here are a few links to what Beau is up to and some of his achievements thus far.....;link1 link2 link3  

stoked with the quiver before heading off....

laying into the rail during the finals of the state titles last weekend....


the dims on this one are 7'10'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and 78 litres



the dims on this are 7'4'' x 26'' x 37/8'' and 80 litres


the dims on this are 8' x 26'' x 37/8'' and 83.4litres


I like to shape all sorts of stuff for all kinds of places and Mick here is no exception. Mick spends a fair bit of time in Indo each year ...about 4-6 months of it.....hunting waves and generally just hanging out. Last year he got me to make him a gun for the bigger days...a board that he went to town on and pushed himself into some crazy situations ....Mick lasted OK however the "best board he's had in a long time" didn't do so well.  So this year we remade it , put a tree in the middle, upped the glassing, gave it a nice paint job similar to an earlier favourite and then made a smaller version for the "not so bigger days". Here is what will go in the board bag this week....lucky bugger!!! 


the dims on this board....73 x 193/4 x 23/4  glassed to last ...6 bottom and double 6 deck 10.5 mm stringer


the dims on this one...82 x 203/4 x 3.....6&4 bottom and 6&6 deck   21mm stringer

 with the 8'4" ......and feeling pretty stoked with the old one on the wave below from last year


A tale of two beauties....

After a fantastic weekends event at Saltfest, I unloaded a few new stock boards into the racks at the Sunhouse, my new shaping digs.  Two boards that stood out in particular as really nice ones ...An XU-1 and the other, a Flow.

The XU-1 is the high performance keel fin that I have been frothing on the last few months or so was hand-painted and then resin tinted,  then a one off custom  set of my keels were glassed on....set and forget....I really liked this board.

The other was a Flow...a 6'5'' that I kinda made for myself...hand painted and put a single fin box in it so I can play around with the many fins that I have.....She looked  pretty sweet and I was looking forward to having some fun with it. 

I don't usually  make many stock boards as I really like to make customs for any stock boards tend to be super tuned, and mindfully shaped custom boards...but on the rack.....They didn't last long, a total of 4 days, before these boards were in the ocean!!...sad to say ..I didn't really get the chance to photograph them, let alone ride one of them!! but I did manage to get a few dodgy pics on the I-phone before they walked out the door.....Two beautiful boards and two very stoked girls in the line up.


Saltfest surf festival is on this Sunday, March 1st

Hi there surf lovers....come and check us out at the Saltfest Surf Festival this Sunday March the first..... on top of Kirra Hill at the Community & Cultural Centre.....first day of autumn...change is in the's going to be HUGE !!!! 


....See you there!!!