keeping hamish happy....

My good friend Hamish was in need of revamping his tired quiver to get the stoke on for this summer. The first board that he ordered for his every day basic was the tug deluxe...a nicely well rounded board suited to performance surfing in a variety of waves. This board has a flattish deck with a bit of hidden volume and padding for the days when your not really feeling it but still refined in the rail so you can give it some when you need to. Single double concave to a vee out the tail to keep you sparking along. The Second was a Slipper single fin. Just a step up for the points on the sunny coast for wave domination and sheer surfing pleasure! I hand painted them inspired by the Fender sunburst..... blew Hamish's mind when he saw happy lad for the up coming season. 

 Hamish weighs in at 87 kgs and is 6'4'' tall.


The Slipper is 6'8'' x 21'' x 3'' and is 47 liters....plenty of paddle and line up dominance....

  the Tugdeluxe....6'5'' x 191/2'' x 2/12''....34.1 litres




A new Slipper for Brad

Hi out there in Cyberland, been a while but coming up to Chrissy ...what would you expect!...A few weeks ago Brad swung on by to collect an early Chrissy present to himself, a sweet little ride called the slipper.  


Brad weighs in at 70kgs and is about 5'8'' and the board dimensions on this beauty are 5'8'' x 193/4'' x 21/2'' and is 31.3 litres. This board features a cut lap custom resin tint and deliberate fibreglass patterning in the deck layers for an added effect. Of course she's a super shiny polish as well to make her look for delicious and durable. Brad rang me after a few surfs on her and was pretty bloody stoked!  Sad to let a nice board like this out the door but stoked to see her go to a well loved home.