Futura, 5 fin and rounded pin

Hi Again, this is my friend Erwin picking up his custom Futura.....

The futura is a great model with the extra meat in the deck for the paddling and wave catching ability. We did a bit of customising to this one for Erwin as he was chasing a bit of thickness and width under the back foot. Usually this model is a square-tail however he had been riding a Tug-deluxe rounded pin before that he was loving so it just had to be a rounded pin also. The five fins cover all the bases and this is in the standard Quad fin/thruster configuration. 

I custom hand-painted this one for him ...the brief on the design was something blue and white on the nose...the rest was left up to me.

Erwin weighs about 76kgs and is quite heavy on his back foot so I opted for the polly-prop patch for longevity and lightness.

This board is 6' x 19" x 23/8" and is 29.6 litres 


Scott and the new Shovelhead

I met Scott a while back while surfing the local on a less that average day and couldn't help but wonder how such a big guy (95kgs) went in the less than ideal conditions....It was knee high and gutless.... He had mals for the paddle and float but really missed the maneuverability of the shorter boards

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