tug deluxe for Martin

Hi there again....just want to show you a custom Tug-deluxe that I made for Martin. This one is a pretty basic board that he will use for those bigger days. There's plenty of thickness in this one for the paddle but I kept it out of the rails so it's stills maintains  sensitivity and bight in the waves face. A single to double concave with flat out of the tail when you need to step on the gas. The rounded pin makes the board feel shorter than it is. A nice even rocker with a little accelerated tail lift gives you a broad sweet spot so your never out of footing and don't have to think about your board. Free and effortless to enjoy the waves with out the hangups. This is just one of the many features that come standard with my boards. :-) 


                            tug deluxe

The dims on this Tug-deluxe is 6'3'' x 191/2'' x 25/8''... 33.6 litres... Martin is 5'11'' and weighs 78kgs 



I like to shape all sorts of stuff for all kinds of places and Mick here is no exception. Mick spends a fair bit of time in Indo each year ...about 4-6 months of it.....hunting waves and generally just hanging out. Last year he got me to make him a gun for the bigger days...a board that he went to town on and pushed himself into some crazy situations ....Mick lasted OK however the "best board he's had in a long time" didn't do so well.  So this year we remade it , put a tree in the middle, upped the glassing, gave it a nice paint job similar to an earlier favourite and then made a smaller version for the "not so bigger days". Here is what will go in the board bag this week....lucky bugger!!! 


the dims on this board....73 x 193/4 x 23/4  glassed to last ...6 bottom and double 6 deck 10.5 mm stringer


the dims on this one...82 x 203/4 x 3.....6&4 bottom and 6&6 deck   21mm stringer

 with the 8'4" ......and feeling pretty stoked with the old one on the wave below from last year