Pobblebonk for Heath

Hi there surfboard lovers!  just finished a pretty sweet ride for Heath who was wanting something for those crappy small days. You know... when you want to surf but are uninspired because the boards you have just won't do the job. This is how I felt back in the late 90's when I made my first Pobblebonk after seeing lots of crap waves go unridden at Snapper. I thought, mmmm, I can fix that and get a bunch of hassle free waves as well. The Pobblebonk was, for no particular reason, named after a rain forest frog (because I liked the name) and inspired from hanging out with my knee board riding mate Rosco (not her real name). It's basically a mal with about 4 foot of the useless walking bit removed. Upturned rails in the nose.... super low flat nose entry and hulled with a vee double concave through out the bottom. A moderate accelerating tail rocker with a nice bit of rocker in the rail (as compared to the stringer rocker) and with the low foiled rails, allows you to turn tightly with out effort. Usually I do these as a quad however Heath wanted some keels and why not....they look beautiful and well as functional. 



   ..... Heath's Pobblebonk is 5'5'' x 211/4" x 21/2" ...Heath is 5'10'' and weighs 75 kgs....


More on Beau Nixon and the quiver for Teahupoo

Hi there ...not wanting to harp on tooo long about Beau but here's a quick look at the quiver that I made him to compete on In Tahiti...and a nice little video of him surfing a couple of the boards featured in the previous blog


this one is 8'10'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and is 88.3 litres


this one is 8'6'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and is 84.4 litres


this one is  7'10'' x 26'' x 37/8'' and is 82 litres