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SNUB $780.00 AUD
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TUG BOAT $780.00 AUD
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Hi there!!...welcome to my new website and thanks for dropping by.  I'm excited to be building this and finally launching it online!

It's a work in progress and there is still lots to be the meantime ...check it out, stay tuned and happy surfing!!  :-)


keeping hamish happy....

October 12, 2015

My good friend Hamish was in need of revamping his tired quiver to get the stoke on for this summer. The first board that he ordered for his every day basic was the tug deluxe...a nicely well rounded board suited to performance surfing in a variety of waves. This board has a flattish deck with a bit of hidden volume and padding for the days when your not really feeling it but still refined in the rail so you can give it some when you need to. Single double concave to a vee out the tail to keep you sparking along. The Second was a Slipper single fin. Just a step up for the points on the sunny coast for...

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custom handshaped twin fin for ross

May 22, 2015

Not so long ago Ross from the Sunhouse was threatening me to shape him a twinny. It was a colab effort with him in the bay providing direction and feedback, as I handcrafted his new sled. I really prefer working this way as I feed off the customer's enthusiasm and that definitely transfers into the shape. ....fluted flyers....flattened deck....slight concave feeding a double to a vee out the tail.....bit of a beak on the nose....down foiled rails....Justin fin in the know Justin?  Justin Case....So this one was hand-shaped from scratch at my bay in the Sunhouse, taken home to my factory in the hills where I glassed it with a white pigment tint, sanded it, hand painted the logo...

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Rob and his new bonzer....the speed freak machine!!

May 13, 2015

Had a great time a few weeks back catching up with my good friend and ex Phantom employee  Rob the painter, shaping him up a Bonzer for his upcoming trip to Indo. This was a hand shape and it was awesome to have him in the bay getting feedback along the way, refining the shape to his liking....foiled rails, venturi concave channels with plenty of paddle power whilst reflecting on our surf expeditions through Sumba back in the eighties... Next off to the glassers to have Jimmy Davidson spray it up and then have Dan Wicks glass and set the quad bonzers. I hand-foiled the single fin while Dan custom made the side fins for the board. Great fun and...

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More on Beau Nixon and the quiver for Teahupoo

May 06, 2015

Hi there ...not wanting to harp on tooo long about Beau but here's a quick look at the quiver that I made him to compete on In Tahiti...and a nice little video of him surfing a couple of the boards featured in the previous blog.                           this one is 8'10'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and is 88.3 litres                           this one is 8'6'' x 26'' x 33/4'' and is 84.4 litres                           this one is  7'10'' x 26'' x 37/8'' and is 82 litres  

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