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TUG BOAT $850.00 AUD
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slip streamer
slip streamer $1,002.00 AUD
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GO GO FISH $1,034.00 AUD
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Hi there and thanks for dropping by. I'm a custom board builder and thrive on being the interface between you and the waves. I can and do make all sorts of boards to help you surf beyond your ability, be  it at the elite level or just starting out. I'm hands on, and utilise the latest technology to handcraft you the best board I possibly can that will stoke you to the eyeballs and turn you into the happiest surfer in the water.....gotta love that. :-)



Luxe-twin for Jacob un fin

January 21, 2017

Ok guys and girls got a really nice one for you today and it's a Luxe-twin in the classic sense. Shaped by me , glassed by Yuki and I and finished off by was a joy to make from beginning to end. The shape of this one was the classic standard Luxe-twin plan shape with a single to double concave in the bottom feeding out to a light vee in the tail. Fluted flyers for more bight and hold in the rail and a foiled rail for sensitivity. We cut lapped the fibre glass and tinted the resin a slightly darker blue than the ice blue that we've been using of late and for a nice feature, did some...

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Wonglepong but not your average pong

January 18, 2017

Hi there channel lovers!....just thought I'd show you this little treat for a mate of mine Phil. He is a mad keen surfer, collector and shaper in his own right and before shaping his own boards would buy them from me, in particular channel bottoms. This is a tweak of my Wonglepong design that I have been doing in all various forms since the mid to late 90's. Usually ridden shorter, I have made them up to nearly eight feet....this one is a 7 footer and although primarily designed to surf Bells, will perform pretty well any where. Longer to get in early, twin fins for the speed and acceleration through the turns and the channels for a little forward...

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Luxe with a twist

January 16, 2017

Hi there twin fin lovers! sorry to disappoint you today but it's another twist on the Luxe design...this time Shaun wanted a thruster and like old mate ...loved the Luxe-twin shape but wan't keen on two fins. I have no fixed ideas on how people should relate to the waves ...I'm just the facilitator that makes sense of what you are trying to achieve in the ocean.... and then make it happen. The great thing about this twin fin design is that it's so incredibly versatile and with a few tweaks here and there, can morph into almost anything. This one was hand painted by me, glassed by Yuki and I and was fitted with a system. Of course I...

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High Performance Malibu for Liam

January 12, 2017

Hi there guys and girls, I just have to show you this variation of a HPmalibu that I made for Liam. He was looking for a mal that would be a good nose rider, have plenty of glide and paddle but still be able to flick it around a bit. Sounds fair enough to me....A few nice features in this board made it a joy to make. Triple hand cut cedar veneer stingers, timber tail blocks, blue faded spray and to top it off, a custom made decal of his Maton guitar. Rocker wise, there is a moderate overall curve in the board with bottom features sitting inside this basic design. Concave in the nose feeding a double concave in the...

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